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Projects And Other References

Historic Aerial Photography of the Reno and Carson City Area, Nevada, late 1930s to 1990s, in PDF file format.

To view the Nevada Mineral Industry, 2008, which includes a section on Geothermal Energy in Nevada click here. To review a compilation of the Geothermal sections from the NBMG MI from 1994 through 2007 click here . This file is 3 megabytes in size and in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file format. Map of Nevada Geothermal Resources, 2000. To view the 2009 version of the Nevada Geothermal Well List (NVGEOWEL) sorted by increasing Township click here or listed by permit number click here. NBMG Bulletin 91, Thermal Waters of Nevada, 1979, a description of Nevada's hot springs and geothermal areas.

Completed open-file report 04-01, Oil and Gas Wells Drilled in Nevada 1907-2003. Also available as a zipped dBASE III+ file. This open-file report updates NBMG Bulletin 104 "Oil and Gas Developments in Nevada" produced in 1988. Additional Nevada Oil and Gas Well lists, reports, and maps.

Outline map of Nevada showing areas covered by 1:24,000 scale geologic mapping.

HAZUS software applications specialist. HAZUS software is a tool developed by FEMA to assist in estimating the losses associated with potential earthquake and flood events. Formed the Nevada HAZUS User Group (NVHUG). NBMG utilized HAZUS to produced an earthquake scenario for the Death Valley Region and worked with the FEMA HAZUS contractor to update the Nevada portion of the earthquake fault database that is part of HAZUS. Released Open-File Report 06-1, Loss-Estimation Modeling of Earthquake Scenarios for Each County in Nevada Using HAZUS-MH.

Nevada Active Mines and Energy Producers NBMG Map 170 available as a 46 Mb size pdf file, a reduced size pdf is also available by clicking here. For the complete GIS data set for this map click here (104 Mb zip file). NBMG Open-File Report 10-5, a version of the above map that includes mining district names is available at full resolution (46 Mb file size) and can also be viewed in a reduced file size by clicking here.

NBMG Online Mining District and Historic Mining Information Files with Search Engine, 2nd edition, 2010: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Open-File Report 10-8, for online search engine and additional documents click here. This data collection, of over 25,000 documents and maps, contains a variety of historic and current mining and mineral resource related information about Nevada. This data collection can be searched online and it works best on a high speed connection due to the large file size of the scanned documents and maps.

Metal Mining Districts of Nevada, Map 37, by John Schilling, 1976. This image is of the 3rd edition which is out of print. Map 37 has been superseded by NBMG Report 47, Mining Districts of Nevada, 1998, and the map of Nevada Mining Districts from Report 47. An untitled map of Nevada Mining Districts dated 1946 is also viewable as a large Acrobat pdf file by clicking here. A 1932 NBMG report, with map, on Nevada Mining Districts entitled "Metal and Nonmetal Occurrences in Nevada" can also be viewed. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 83-721, is a preliminary report that identifies mineralized areas within Nevada. A 1912 report entitled "The Mining Districts of the Western United States" U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 507 by James Hill with a geologic introduction by Waldemar Lindgren (32 Mb PDF file).

Compilation of USGS MRDS and USBM MILS mine and prospect data bases into a short version with selected fields in dbase III format. Site locations are in UTM, zone 11, meters, NAD27 projection. Mine name and location accuracy are dependent on the original MRDS and MILS data and can vary significantly from the existing property name and actual location. To see a listing of the data base click here (this is a 3 megabyte file). To download the dbase file (pkzipped and approximately 1 megabyte in size) click here. The Nevada Abandoned Mines Database Update, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Open-File Report 2001-03, is available online as a large zip file - 117 Mb.

Several older references to Nevada Geology and Mineral Resources:

Bulletin 36, Nevada's common minerals (including a preliminary list of minerals found in the state), by Vincent P. Gianella, 1941. Bulletin 40, The geology of Nevada ore deposits, by Bernard York, and The mining districts of Nevada, by Henry G. Ferguson, 1944. Bulletin 65, Mineral and water resources of Nevada, assembled by H. R. Cornwall, 1964. Open-File Report 03-2, Nevada mineral trends, by Clancy J. Wendt, 2003. Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada, U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1356 by Maureen Johnson, and plate one from Bulletin 1356 Location of Placer Gold Deposits in Nevada.

Outline of Nevada mining history, 1964, NBMG Report 7. Card Index File of Nevada Mines, Mining Districts, Minerals, Mine Owners and Operators, and Related References (last entry in 1966), Compiled by Robert C.Horton.

Gold-producing districts of Nevada, 2nd ed., 1976, NBMG Map 32.

Silver-producing districts of Nevada, 2nd ed., 1980, NBMG Map 33.

Investigation of titanium occurrences in Nevada, 1963, NBMG Report 3.

Mineral Resources of Douglas, Ormsby, and Washoe Counties, Nevada, 1947.

Principal Gold-producing districts of the United States, 1968, USGS Professional Paper 610. This is a large, 38 megabyte, Acrobat PDF file.

Nevada Wilderness Study Area - Mineral Land Assessment Reports, U.S. Bureau of Mines MLA Series Reports.

Nevada Abandon Mine Lands (AML) Project. Map of the Reno, Nevada area showing some of the data compiled during various AML projects.

Various image processing, Landsat, Aster, and digital elevation model (DEM) projects. False color composite image of the area covered by the Reno 1 by 2 degree quadrangle. This image was created from 1992 MSS data. Nevada as observed from the MODIS satellite. This 2002 image was obtained from NASA.

Links To Additional Resources:

NBMG Nevada geologic map index (2001 text version).

Geologic Map of Nevada, 1:500,000 scale, by J.H. Stewart and J.E. Carlson in PDF file format. Georeferenced version in TIFFw format, UTM NAD27 Zone 11 projection, zip compressed file.

U.S.G.S. Topographic Map of Nevada, 1:500,000 scale, in PDF file format. Georeferenced version in TIFFw format, UTM NAD27 Zone 11 projection, zip compressed file.

U.S.G.S. 1:100,000 scale topographic maps of Nevada in TIFFw Digital Raster Graphic format.

Land status map of Nevada, 2nd ed., 1972.

USGS Topographic Map Index of Nevada, 1960, showing older 15 minute, 30 minute, and 1 degree map outlines.

USGS Topographic Map Index of California, 1970, showing older 7.5 minute and 15 minute map outlines.

Map of the State of Nevada - 1940 and Airways Map of Nevada - 1940. Both digital copies are in JPEG format. The original maps are located at the Nevada Historical Society, Reno, Nevada.

Road Map of the State of Nevada, from 1919.

Digital Geologic Map of Nevada: USGS Open-File Report 03-66, Digital database, version 3.0, Spatial Digital Database for the Geologic Map of Nevada, Geology compiled by John H. Stewart and John E. Carlson; Digital database by Gary L. Raines, Katherine A. Connors1, Lorre A. Moyer, and Robert J. Miller, 2003 (map originally published in 1978).

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