Geologic Maps of Nevada

This compilation contains 68 html files of geologic mapping references broken down by 30x60-minute quads. The references in each file are those within, intersected, or immediately adjacent to the quad. Each file can be accessed by clicking in the appropriate quad in the map below. Click here to access all files in one combined html file format or click here for a combined file in comma delimited text format, or click here to download the complete file in dBase III file format (2 megabyte file size). These files are available on CD-ROM in NBMG Open-File Report 2002-1.

Each reference contains the following information in this order: Title, Year of Publication, Author, County, Publisher, Publication Series, Plate Number, Scale of Map, Remarks, Latitude and Longitude of Extreme Map Boundaries in Degrees-Minutes-Seconds labeled NLAT for North Latitude, SLAT for South Latitude, WLONG for West Longitude, ELONG for East Longitude, and approximate map center coordinates are given as Decimal Degrees in Longitude and Latitude labeled LONG_C for Center Longitude and LAT_C for Center Latitude.

This compilation is preliminary. It has not been edited or checked for completeness or accuracy. Questions, additions, and corrections should be sent to:

Ron Hess
Chief Information Officer
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
University of Nevada, Reno
M.S. 178
Reno, Nevada 89557-0088
(775) 784-6692